You're Invited to the 78th Birthday Party of the Barbershop Harmony Society

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The Harmony Katz

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May 2,  2016
The Harmony Katz will be rehearsing at the Ginger Bread House at 6:30 pm

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Syracuse's Own Barbershop Chorus

The Harmony Katz, Syracuse's own barbershop chorus, is comprised of over fifty men from all walks of life who love to sing and through their singing give back to their community. If you visit us at a practice, you will find that we are men of good character who enjoy life, have fun,and when you get to know us better you might think we really are characters! The Harmony Katz believe that singing enriches our lives, that of our families and the community we reside in. Harmony Katz is a fraternal organization, a brotherhood of barbershoppers joined together in four-part harmony.

In addition to raising funds for Onondaga County Firefighters Association (through an annual show occurring on the Saturday of fire prevention week), Young Life Capernaum, Various Assisted Living Homes, Food Pantries, and Church Groups among many others, we have pledged to use our gift of 4-part harmony our voices and "Sing To Feed Them All" in support of the Food Bank of Central New York. We're dedicated to help ensure that no one goes hungry. In the last three years the Harmony Katz have raised over $12,000 for theFood Bank of CNY , but more importantly we have helped raise awareness of the hunger that afflicts our neighbors here in Onondaga County.

The closing song for every practice is a barbershop number titled - "We Sing to Feed Them All".  

Which sums up our purpose. The lyrics are:

"We sing to feed them all, the family in need. 
 We sing to answer every prayer a mother cannot heed. 
 We sing to touch the noble heart and raise the siren's call. 
 We sing to feed each hungry child. 
 We sing to feed them all."

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Meet Maestro - Spokes-Kat of the Harmony Katz.

  • We Sing To Feed Them All 1:50

April 11,  2016
The Harmony Katz will be hosting a 78th Birthday celebration for the Barbershop Harmony Society at the Ginger Bread House at 6:30 pm

Anyone who likes to sing or just listen in is invited to this fun filled evening.  Birthday cake, Quartets performing along with the Fabulous Harmony Katz.

April 18,  2016
The Harmony Katz will be rehearsing at the Ginger Bread House at 6:30 pm

Harmony Katz in Syracuse

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April 25,  2016
The Harmony Katz will be rehearsing at the Ginger Bread House at 6:30 pm